Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge & Beyond..

Carrying on from the marvel of the Giants Causeway, Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge was next stop. It is only roughly 8 miles away so definitely worth visiting when you are in this neck of the woods. The last entry is strictly 6.15 pm, we made it with about a minute to spare, and it closes at 7pm. This does not mean that you have to be back by 7pm to the beginning of the walk but bear in mind toilets and tea rooms etc will be closed after this time.

 The rope bridge was first erected by salmon fishermen 350 years ago and it hangs roughly 100 feet above sea level. It is now a very popular tourist destination, which attracts  thousands of visitors to the Causeway Coast  every year.It would be a great place for a bit of birdwatching!

Fantastic views of Rathlin Island, Scotland and the Causeway Coast will be in your vision, if you are brave enough to cross the actual bridge. It was a bit breezy the evening we crossed and it was a bit wobbly , Amy and Helen would not be the best with heights, but they braved it and reaped the rewards. Sarah and myself  are ok with heights so we were cool as cucumbers lol..Even if you do not plan to walk the bridge you will still enjoy the scenery on route to it and can watch the rest of your party cross.

I can not emphasize enough to make sure that you wear suitable footwear, and bring a drink. The walk out to bridge is roughly 1km but there are also lots and lots and lots of steps. If you have any mobility issues or are not the fittest( I definitely fall in to that category) you may feel a bit under pressure  but just take your time and you will be fine. Take extra care if weather not great as steps may be more slippery than usual.


Braving the bridge....


What a coastline!!


A long way down…..


As we were so close we decided to visit Portrush as we had heard wonderful things about it. It is a beautiful seaside resort and  the fine evening allowed us sit out on the promenade enjoying fish and chips as the sun set down..It has to be said the mention of Waltzers in the Funfair also lured us in. Time escaped us in this beautiful coastal town, needless to say with an hours drive to campsite in Cushendall, it was a very late check in indeed…


Cushendall Caravan Park was our home for the night, literally as we did not arrive till after 11pm.. We hired two glamping pods and my god the view from the pods was unbelievable. Unfortunately for us we were only staying here for the one night before heading to Belfast city for a few nights. It was a really relaxing place and the sound and smell of the ocean was amazing, with the boats bopping up and down not far from where we stood. We would definitely stay here again but for longer so as to truly enjoy the beauty of this part of the country. 


Glamping Pods… Cushendall


What a view from inside the pod..….


Selfie by the Sea

Next Stop …..Belfast…..



7 thoughts on “Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge & Beyond..

  1. klaunder4817 says:

    I think I would’ve been okay with the bridge – just not the amount of people walking it! Do they monitor that? I love all of your pictures. The glamping looks so cool!

  2. motivationformomgmailcom says:

    That’s beautiful, but I don’t think I could walk across it. I’m deathly afraid of heights!

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