Victor’s Way, Indian Sculpture Park

Nestled in a beautiful area in Roundwood , Co. Wicklow lies this amazing place. This beautiful garden known as Victor’s Way  is home to 37 minor and 7 major black granite sculptures. The sculptures were all hand cut in a dedicated workshop in South India after all being designed in Roundwood, and took 25 years to complete.

It was originally designed for adults in search of time out rest and relaxation and spiritual orientation. The garden spreads out over 2o acres and there is a 2km contemplation path taking you through the forest which is really beautiful, accompanied by forest sounds and scents.

The sculptures are all named and there is a plaque beside each one informing you of the history of it. There are also many benches along the way where they encourage you to sit relax and enjoy the surroundings.

As this is an area of rest and relaxation they do not encourage use of mobile phones or loud visitors. Now this is not to say you have to be silent and not speak but just courteous to other visitors and basically not to be throwing a mad party in the middle of the forest. Also as there are unsecured ponds and waterways around they advise that if you must bring children to make sure keep them close at all times.

There is also an option for Forest Bathing . This is where you immerse yourself in the holistic ambience of the forest. It is meant to regenerate your mind and body and spirit. In this part of forest you will see the Forest Recliner. It is a wooden bench with head and footrest which you are invited to try out.With your back flat, lying still, and feet up it is said that due to the calves and feet resting higher up that the body is placed as if it were in foetal position. This then relaxes the stomach muscles which in turn induces mental and physical relaxation. However the bench is quiet hard so not sure how long one could stay lying in that position.

As we visited in September , and with our typical Irish weather the grass was a bit damp and it would not have been suitable to sit of at the end of it and relax with a picnic.The park closes in September, but it would be definitely be worth your time checking it out when the new season opens again next year.





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