St.Clomaun’s Way…our village gem!!

Although it’s opened since 2014 I’m ashamed to say that it’s only recently that I managed to visit this local village gem. St.Clomaun’s way is a walkway situated in the historic village of Duncormick Co.Wexford.

With the River Muck on your left there is a beautiful 1.5km walk ahead of you.There are lovely viewing areas aswell as benches along the way , ideal for a picnic when the weather permits.


As you walk along you there is a little hut that would be ideal for bird watching right on the river’s edge . The view of the river from up on a height is truly beautiful as you make your way along. 


On this walk you can expect to see some evidence of belief in trolls and fairies in the form of beautifully painted signs and rocks which I assume some children may have created and left as a focal point for us to enjoy.As you approach the end of the walkway there are a set of steps down to an ancient holy well which dates back to the 1600’s. If you trace your finger along the stone a date of 1696 becomes clear.


This beauty on our doorstep is all thanks to the Duncormick Area Action group and members of the community aswell as residents who worked so hard to get the achieved end result.

It is very scenic, peaceful and photographic. If you live locally or are passing through the village of duncormcik sometime it is definitely worth a visit. 


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