Pre Holiday Hiccups!!


To say panic stations had well and truly set in would be an understatement, with just less than two weeks to my most recent holiday I found myself without a valid passport. Me who had researched every aspect of our trip, me who had booked excursions months in advance, me who had even pre-booked and paid toll bridge and airport parking two months early, how did I get to this point?

Well turns out that when visiting Dubai, UAE  you do in fact need 6 months validity from date of travel on your passport when in fact I only had 5 months and 25 days, a mere few days short. Luckily it was discovered as Amy tried to collect the tickets from the travel agents and so began the annoying unexpected task of trying to get a new passport in time.

There was no time to apply by post, a trip to the passport office, a first for me was on the cards. Dublin were booked up for at least four days which would have been cutting it fine, cork had a free slot for the next day and so after my boss kindly allowed me take the day off, I set of to the Cork passport office with my sister in toe for company, well I think she really came for the shopping !!

The office was quiet and I was thinking this be great I’ll pay for the emergency passport and hopefully it be out in three days, turns out I could not apply for emergency one as my travel date was not within three days, so just had to apply for normal passport which comes in roughly 6 days. Annoying but I had no choice, then my bloody photos which I had taken at a local pharmacy were not suitable and up to the standards they set out so I had to leave office and go and have them redone in Cork, seriously was beginning to get annoyed at this stage. The lady was very friendly and helpful and ensured me not to be worried that it should arrive at least two days before I departed. Thankfully it did arrive and even quicker than I Expected. At last I could actually look forward to my trip after the tears and tantrums of the week that led me to this point.

Tatties Tip– Research the passport validity rules and regulations for country you are planning to visit, they are not all the same, some are three months and some are more.

Also if you are in Ireland and find yourself in bother with passport check out the Cork office for appointments online as well as Dublin as there could be a difference of a few days in the earliest appointment.

Click here for passport appointments website


To be continued……Next Stop….Port Rashid Cruise Terminal, Dubai, UAE







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